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Divya Aneja

Divya Aneja — A step in the right direction.

My belief is that what is meant to be will always find its way to you. You attract good things,
thoughts and people and they become your own. My story with Divya begins with my planning to get my foot into the world of online sales with Beachbum and it was like swimming in an ocean as a non-swimmer with no life float.

After the initial stages of designing and putting a collection together, which was relatively easy and exciting, the photos transpired which I knew looked like it was a home production at best.

Close to comfort in every way, in came a spark of bright light, suggesting in her subtle, delicate approach the ways to make it better. I knew instantly that one must lend an ear and learn from this bundle of energy and in the process, I made a friend by the end of the day.
As one must be aware, nothing takes place smoothly, in my case, not even a dream. I was
stuck and as I had Divya in my subconscious thoughts, I approached her and she obliged! And voila! She was on my team!

If you believe in magic it will most certainly happen!

Today, she is my creative director. We are in sync, creatively invested and committed to making Beachbum what we dream of it becoming one day and even the bumps and hiccups are fun now! Thank you  Divya! ❤

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