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Life beyond expectation – Ishwar Acharya

I was born is lower middle class family in a small village called Jangaltol, Nepal in Jan 1992. We were in a joint family so my grandmother, my parents and my uncle’s family used to live in a same house.

We were total 5 children in the family ,me my sister, uncle’s 2 sons and buas 1 daughter. We all studied in a same school.

Our family was/is a typical farming family . We used to work on fields but could not produce enough from farming for our studies and family’s daily expenses.

My father passed away very young , i was just 5 years old. Our family faced lots of ups and downs, financial difficulties. I was very small to figure out what was going on.

Our parents didn’t have enough food to eat. I had seen that situation up close.

After my dad’s tragedy, our family situation had gotten worse. Mom used to be very sad. Now i can imagine, how much hell that situation was and how much pain she was bearing.

At that time, one of our relative aunt used to live and work on Delhi. My grandmother suggested my mom to go with her(that aunt) to Delhi. My grandmother thought if she went far from home she will overcome that situation and would heal sooner.

At that time there was no phone. We used to communicate with our mom through letters. She used to visit us once a year for 15 days only in a grand festival called Dashain also known as Dussehra. I always want to spend time with mom but i couldn’t.

Mom helped us for our school fees and our pocket money. Our family situation was more stable in last few years of our schooling days.

My mom always used to talk about Delhi and Vikas, Aparna, Sumair, Daksh, the Gupta family, where she used to work. I always wanted to visit the grand city Delhi. She always mentioned how good Gupta family was ,I already respect them from bottom of my heart.

Me ,my cousins and sister were good at school. After finishing my 10th i visited Delhi for the first time and was there with mom for about 20 days. I visited Delhi and had a good experience.

After schooling, I was moved to a city called Biratnagar to study college education. There is where for the first time i saw computer and very excited to learn. My mom helped me financially and i learnt my computer basics.

Along with my college, i used to learn computer programming and graphics design. After finishing my course i used to teach computer which helped me earn my pocket money.

After my graduation, I had decided to stay with my mother in Delhi.

I am very thankful to Vikas and Aparna Gupta for providing me accommodation, food and all financial support they provided. They suggested and encouraged me, they are so nice and they allowed me to join their company and they paid all my CAD training fees.

I trained in CAD for 6 months. I leaned how textile manufacturing works which i never knew before.

In the office, I never stop learning. In my free time i always learnt new things like web designing, programming, graphics etc. I always loved to play with computer.

I always helped my colleagues whatever technical support they needed .

Around my last month of the office, Aparna maa’m planned to launch her dream project BEACHBUM. She shared ideas with me that how much she is exited about BEACHMBUM.

I had decided to help her with all my efforts. We’ve planned all things from start to finish. I’ve helped her to build website for Beachbum and setup all technical things which i am good at such as coding website, building API’s for shipping, packing, payments etc.

For this entire process she and all our Beachbum team is equally responsible for good results.

Now everyone can see how much beautiful all BEACHBUM Collections are.

I’ve grown up here and spend more than 10 years in SND INC v happily.

I am very thankful to Vikas and Aparna Gupta, they guided and helped this small town boy and treated me as their own son. They help me to grow mentally, spiritually and financially. Lots of respect and very honored to work with them.

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