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Priyaj Dahiya: A Learning Curve

Everyone comes into your life for a reason, Priyaj walked into mine to teach me that to earn more you need to learn more.

This 20 year old simple, bright, steadfast and patient man is my window to the digital world. Since I was a completely digitally challenged person, I tested and doubted him too but every time he rose higher, I don’t tell him enough but I am extremely proud of him (motherly instincts) he opens up my views and discusses and helps me analyze aspects which are unknown territory but exploring them is keeping it exciting and v insightful for me. One thing I have noticed about him and greatly admire is him giving every thing he does a 100%. He will re-learn, unlearn anything that can help our brand which makes him a complete asset. Which includes him being my nutrition advisor too.

Thank you for choosing Beachbum..we are privileged to hold hands and grow together!

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