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Being regarded as a nattily dressed, tad-glam gal, the slim figure helped the overall image. A fearless strong badass, loved looking and feeling good! Metabolism slowed down, and weight piled up. Weight, a constant yo-yo in my life. Not being one to give up so easily, I decided to get beyond it. 40’s did that for me. I care-a-damn attitude set in well while the bum got bigger! Willpower being intact, I designed a life I loved and seeked. One full of travel, exploring, love of food, and an occasional tequila added to the carefree zone.

Beaches playing an important part in the story where I could get lost to find myself, beautiful sunsets and the healing, calming ‘vitamin sea’. I then decided to add a few inches to my coverups, which stayed sexy, with a touch of elegance. Keeping me in the Instagram-able look!

So, here with the young hearts, zeal and zest intact, the mantra became look good and feel even better, inches not withstanding!

Creativity burst with snazzy expanded bum clothes still making eye balls turn.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Begins my story of Beachbum. Welcoming you to your own kind of beautiful!

Aparnna Gupta
– Aparnna Gupta

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